Guided Mushroom Hunts, Wild Mushrooms and Mycological Education

I am here to help you learn more about mushrooms and the forests they grow in. Let me know your mushroom hunting, mushroom identification, wild mushroom or mushroom extract needs. As an avid mushroom hunter since age 15, I can tell you, there is a lot to know in the field of mycology. But you don't have to know a lot of fancy names to enjoy a few common, safe and delicious edibles growing in your yard or region.

2014 Mushroom Reports

7/4/14 Morels were great on the edge of the burn until July. They seem to have dried out. We'll see if the monsoons will revive them.
7/4/14 Oysters are being found at all elevations now.
8/1/14 Porcinis have been sighted!
8/5/14 Porcinis and large chanterelles have been harvested. Most chants are too small. White boletes and almond Agaricus have been found in the ponderosa pine/scrub oak. Pleurotus, Hypholoma,                    Lactarius deliciosus, shrimp russulas and sarcodon have all made an appearance.
8/14/14 Porcinis are mostly single. Many chanterelles are too small to harvest. Lactarius deliciosus and shrimp russulas are abundant. Polyozellus multiplex was found twice today.
8/25/14 Mushrooms out in full force, including fist-sized chanterelles.
9/1/14 Chanterelles at all stages. A few good porcinis.
9/10/14 Chanterelles at all stages. Lots of Polyozellus. Some starting to go. Perfect shrimp russulas.
9/15/14 More shrimp russulas. Same as 9/10.
9/30/14 Chanterelles still out there in droves, many senesced.

Guided Forays

I offer half and full day guided mushroom hunts in the mountains around Durango, Pagosa Springs and Telluride. We will meet in town or in the forest and I will show you how to find and identify Porcinis (Boletus edulis), Chanterelles (Cantharellus), and any other of the long list of edible mushrooms that grow in the San Juan Mountains. Our walk in the forest will be easy and fun for young and old. July-August-September-October. Rain or shine. Bring lunch, rain gear, good shoes or boots and your favorite mushroom basket and knife. Refreshments provided.

Wild Mushrooms

Unique recognition as a wild mushroom expert by the state of Colorado allows chefs, restaurants, caterers, and retailers to legally buy a host of different wild mushroom species from me and serve them to the general public. All mushrooms that I harvest are individually inspected and graded for quality. Please call for availability and special orders.


Email me photos: free (max. one email per month please)
House/forest call: $30/hr + $0.30/mile R/T

Other Services

I can help you get your mycological landscape project off the ground with design, material procurement and installation. I can also work with you one-on-one to sharpen your knowledge of mushroom cultivation or the various genera of wild mushrooms.

Homemade Mycomedicinals

I am making mushroom extracts to order. What I have in stock is available here:

 Water 70% +Alcohol 30%
Liquid Extract

Everything 7
(Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga, Maitake, F. Pinicola,
Artist Conk, Oyster)

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Oyster Mushroom

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Artist Conk

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Selected Studies of Medicinal Mushrooms