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Full Service Mycological Education

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We are here to help you learn more about mushrooms and the forests they grow in. Mushrooms and fungi play key roles in our bodies and the environments around us. Some of them are incredibly delicious! While there is much ado in the field of mycology, it isn't hard to enjoy a few safe and delicious edibles growing in your yard or region. At Majesty Mushrooms, we strive to dispel mycophobia (the fear of fungi). We will come to a classroom, yard, or forest near you to help you find, identify and enjoy the mushrooms that grow there.

Live in or visiting SW Colorado or NW New Mexico? Learn about mushrooms in our backyard. The Rocky Mountains, especially those around Durango, Telluride and Pagosa Springs, offer some of the best mushroom hunting in the world. Come foray with us.

Want a classroom experience? We offer primers in mushroom identification, cultivation and basic mycology for students of all ages.

Do you have a trufferie, pecan orchard or Christmas tree farm? If so, you may have highly prized truffles. We can help you find out.

Guided Forays

Chris offers half and full day guided mushroom hunts in the woods around Durango, Pagosa Springs and Telluride, Colorado. We will experience how to find and identify Porcinis (Boletus edulis), Chanterelles (Cantharellus), and any other of the long list of edible mushrooms that grow in our forests, or a forest near you. Our walk will be easy and fun for young and old. July-August-September-October. Rain or shine. Bring lunch, rain gear, good shoes or boots and your favorite mushroom basket and knife. Refreshments provided.

Having studied mycology on both coasts, in the Smoky Mountains, the Ozarks and the Adirondacks, Chris is willing to travel to teach you about the mushrooms growing in your region.

Truffle Dog Team-For-Hire

Daisy is an amazing 6-year-old, lab/heeler mix who learned to find truffles at a very young age. She is willing and excited to find your truffles. Truffles are mushrooms that grow underground with certain species of trees. Pecan and Christmas tree growers, take note! Please call to book our truffle team.

Wild Mushrooms

Unique recognition as a wild mushroom expert by the state of Colorado allows Chris to sell a long list of edible species to chefs, restaurants, caterers, and retailers for resale to the general public. All mushrooms that he harvests are individually inspected and graded for quality. Please call for availability and special orders.


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